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Simplicity Speaks Volume

        Brown Girl Original Rum Cream Liqueur was introduced to the Grenadian public in 2017. This recipe has been within our family for 2 generations. 

Our unique smooth blend of Rich Creams, Local Grenadian Cocoa and Spices is what sets us apart​ from other Rum Creams. The cocoa beans that are used have been hand picked to ensure the best quality and richness of our drink.

Since the introduction of Brown Girl Original Rum Cream Liqueur, it has been an automatic success. Brown Girl Original Rum Cream Liqueur has a smooth unique blend of local ingredients which incorporates rum, spices and local organic cocoa. This rum cream is like no other with its smooth blend of local ingredients from the island of Grenada, which the world knows as the Island of Spice.

The cocoa beans we use are of the highest quality and fully organic. These beans are known as the world famous Trinitario cocoa beans that are grown throughout the lush cocoa groves and pristine Rainforest here in Grenada. This allows us to ensure that the best, richest beans are selected to maintain the finest quality in our products.

Since it’s inception, our Original Blend Rum Cream has immediately received astounding reviews. The rich taste of the spices and the smoothness of the cocoa are some of the qualities that keep our customers coming back for more.

From the feedback and reviews from our customers we are proud to truly say that Brown Girl Original Blend Rum Cream is

“The Taste that keeps you wanting more”.

Sharon hand sorting cocoa beans.jpg

Photo courtesy of Grenada Chocolate Company

William picking cocoa pods.jpg

Photo courtesy of Grenada Chocolate Company

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Rum Cream

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