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Frequently Asked Questions

We take pride in our exceptional customer service, and a major part of that is making sure customers promptly get the answers they’re looking for. We’ve organized the most frequently asked questions below to help with exactly that. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, please get in touch and we’ll be ready to assist you.

What is the Shelf Life of Brown Girl?

Brown​​ Girl has a shelf life of up to 6 months but once opened it is recommended to keep refrigerated

Can I Use Brown Girl to Make Desserts?

Definitely!!  Brown Girl Can be used in a variety of desserts such as:

Cheesecake     Puddings​

Icings               Parfaits

Sundae's         Cakes

and Chocolate Mousse just to name a few...

We at Brown Girl also have a specialty line of Adult Desserts for you to enjoy, just head over to our shop section or head over to our New location In Belmont by the Falledge to order yours today.

Where Can I Purchase A Bottle?​

Brown Girl can be purchased at our New Brown Girl Cafe located in L'Anse Aux Epines, St. George on the South Side of the Island. You can also send us a Whatsapp message to place your orders. We can deliver to scheduled drop off locations.

Is Brown Girl Made With Real Cocoa?

The cocoa beans we use are of the highest quality and fully organic. These beans are known as the world famous Trinitario cocoa beans that are grown throughout the lush cocoa groves and pristine Rainforest here in Grenada. This allows us to ensure that the best, richest beans are selected to maintain the finest quality in our products.

Is There Only One Flavor Of Brown Girl?

Our Brown Girl Original Flavor  is a Chocolate Rum Cream however we now have a new Plant Based Rum Cream Liqueur called Melange de Chocolat which is a definite favorite. Melange de Chocolat has the familiar smell of Cocoa Tea, you can taste the spices blended with the rich taste of local chocolate and the perfect consistency


One of our other NEW flavors is called Coco Vegan!  Coco Vegan Brown Girl is a Rum Cream that is COMPLETELY Plant Based and has the same Smooth and Flavorful Taste as our Original but with a Coconut Flavour.

For customers looking for something new,  that's unique, with the traditional Caribbean flavour of Mauby Bark, which has an acquired taste with a little bitterness, a little sweetness and packs a punch with a blend of Caribbean Rum... Try our Brown Girl Spiked Mauby.... A Definite Must Try!

What is the dark coating on top of my drink in the bottle?

This is what we refer to as a Cocoa Clot lol don't worry it's completely natural.

This is when the natural ingredients combined with the cocoa form a protective seal over the drink. This does not mean that the drink has spoiled.... it's just chocolate.

**Please Remember to shake all Brown Girl  beverages well before opening**

We have many more amazing new products and flavours coming out so keep checking back for updates on our 

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